Trattoria Tre Colori

About us


Il nostro padrone, Joaquín L. González, Jack to his friends, founded a small restaurant on East 53rd Street called Trecolori. Shortly thereafter, due to the business’ success, he moved to West 45th Street in the Theatre District, this time adding the word Trattoria to make its full name Trattoria Trecolori. Sadly, in 2001 after a life of hard work, our friend Jack died, leaving the business in the hands of his sons: Marco, Víctor and Phil. Thanks to the restaurant’s success among its local clients, it continued growing and growing until the family decided to move Trecolori to 254 West 47th Street, our present location.

We’re proud that a small place has had such an immense history, a history that is ours. We haven’t spent money on advertising or been recommended by famous culinary critics. We’ve become the best Italian restaurant in mid-town Manhattan by listening to our clients and striving to constantly improve.

Perhaps we believe that some things are best done the old way, just as il nostro padrone taught us, but our clients are grateful that they can savor our food while feeling as if they were sitting at the table with mamma.